Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pete Hoekstra says: torture = not torture

Pete Hoekstra never ceases to amaze. Just when I think he has said the most idiotic thing I can think of...he tops it!

July 08, 2007
Rep. Hoekstra on Iraq, Interrogation Methods

HUME: I want to draw you out on something that has become an issue
in the campaign. It came up particularly in the debate that Fox News
did in questions to Senator McCain and others.

And that is this question of what the administration, CIA and people
who are involved in it called enhanced interrogation techniques.
Senator McCain says -- he is in a position, presumably, to know what
they are. He believes they're torture. You're familiar by virtue of your
--I'm not going to ask you to describe any classified information, but
you know what the methods are. Do you believe they're torture?

HOEKSTRA: I don't believe they're torture, no.

I thought we had all agreed this was.... oh nevermind.....

Here's the full transcript.


Rick said...

Nothing has brought greater shame to the United States than a willingness to torture.
Rep. Hoekstra certainly uses his faith as a campaign talking point. I only wish that in a quiet moment he would honestly ask himself, "Who would Jesus torture?" Isn't it time that Pete Hoekstra actually live his faith, not just campaign on it?

Lisa said...

I could not agree more Rick.