Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pete Hoekstra: Prognosticator of Prognosticators!

The day before the *coughfarce* primary Pete said this about Magic Underpants Man's chances in his district
"We are here," he said, pointing to his thumb, representing the Detroit area, including suburban Southfield. "And I represent this part"—he pointed to the left side of his palm—"which is God's country." Things looked "pretty good" there for Romney, he said.

Hmmmm well it didn't quite work out that way Pete

ALLEGAN: McCain- 1821, Romney- 2090
BENZIE: McCain- 764, Romney-678
KENT: McCain- 1048, Romney- 1092
LAKE: McCain- 365, Romney- 288
MANISTEE: McCain- 870, Romney- 777
MASON: McCain- 1161, Romney- 929
MUSKEGON: McCain- 4369, Romney- 3877
NEWAYGO: McCain- 1824, Romney- 1582
OTTAWA:McCain- 11067, Romney- 13127
WEXFORD: McCain- 1227, Romney- 1031

Yeah...nice job Pete. Nice to see you're not working any harder for him than you are the people in your district.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe Pete Hoekstra voted in favor of the bail out today. In my opinion he isn't looking out for the average American. In his statement on his website Hoekstra says he heard from small business and big business and banks. What about his everyday average constituents? What did they tell him? The bill he voted YES on today isn't fundemantally different then the one he voted NO on Monday. The core of the economic stabilization was the same...only this time the bill tacked on $100 billion plus and other incentives that didn't address the so called "Economic Crisis" I am ashamed of Pete Hoekstra for losing his heart and courage to get it done right or not at all. Thanks Pete for wasting $700 Billion plus of our money. I hope your constituents hold you acountable at the polls for what you didn't hold the financial system accountable for. I'll be expecting the bill and I'll let my kids no they can expect one too.