Saturday, October 27, 2007

"TurtleGate"- Granholm puts Hoekstra in check

Continuing his media assault over the turtle fence in Muskegon, Pete sent a letter to Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. To which Gov. Granholm responded. Here's the blow by blow point for point.

Pete said:
I am writing to request that you convene a working group to study how the State can better allocate funds from its budget. I am willing to volunteer my time and effort to help determine how to more effectively spend federal dollars coming into the state(snip)

The Honorable Governor Jennifer Granholm with a shap jab!
I speak for many in the state capitol rejecting your offer to convene a state budget working group, and instead urge you to focus on the vast amount of unfinished federal business, including your rejection of ommon-sense, bipartisan children's health care legislation.

Pete said:
The fence will run along a stretch of highway that lies in the congressional district I represent, and despite my being aware of the remedy the fence seeks to provide, I am alarmed at the lack of prioritization demonstrated by this allocation of funding.

The Gov with a nice uppercut
On the US 31 project the Michigan Department of Transportation responded in writing to your concerns June 1, 2005, by pointing out that federal transaportation law requires states to expend a portion of their federal highway funds on non-construction purposes and expressly allows environmental mitigation to reduce wildlife mortality. At the time, you were in the congressional majority and a key participant debating final decisions on this federal transportation law. You could have used your position to change the law to disallow wildlife protection. Did you attempt to change the law, and if so, why were you not successful?

Oooooh that's gotta hurt!
Pete said:
As you know, approximately one-third of Michigan’s budget comes from federal funding. Yet, at no time have I nor any of my federal counterparts – to my knowledge – been approached about providing greater flexibility with the allocation of federal dollars.

Granholm with a right...and a left and another right!
In fact, I believe you were present at the May 2003 hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee when I came to Washington and testified on the federal transportation bill and specifically asked for more state flexibility under federal highway laws.

Pete is weaving and bobbing...he doesn't look like he's gonna make it
Your elected leaders in Lansing have not had the luxury you have had of repeatedly rubberstamping unbalanced federal budgets. In fact the federal budgets of the past several years have grown at an average annual rate of more than seven percent since 2002, while Michigan's general fund spending was lower in 2007 than it was in 2002. With all due respect, I do not believe your state budget advice would advance our state's budget or economic climates.

Pete is out!!! Granholm is the winner!!!

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