Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hoekstra votes against Native American housing assistance

HR 2786:To reauthorize the programs for housing assistance for Native Americans, passed the House on Thursday (9/6/07) 333-75 with major bipartisan support. But our Congressman voted against the bill.
Permits the provision of housing or housing assistance provided through affordable housing activities assisted with grant amounts for: (1) essential (under current law, essential non-Indian) families on Indian reservations and other Indian areas; and (2) local law enforcement officers on Indian reservations or other Indian areas.

Establishes self-determined housing activities for the tribal communities program under which a qualifying tribe may use a portion of its grant amounts for housing activities involving the construction, acquisition, or rehabilitation of housing to benefit the low-income community served by the tribe.

Pete has a history of voting against Native American issues and interests in his time in office including infrastructure and business interests. If you read this and feel compelled to do so, write or call Hoekstra, and ask him why he treats Native Americans like a subclass of society, and not part of the fabric of our country.

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Hat tip to our friends at Walberg Watch who scooped me on this one.


michmark said...

Can't wait for him to come and say what a great bill it is and how he supported it.

Anonymous said...

do the native americans pay taxes? I'm thinking they don't but I could be wrong. If they don't , I vote they get zero subsidies. My money is already going for enough handouts.

AikoAdam said...

Yes they are American citizens and Yes they pay taxes. Therefore they have the right just like you and I to government assistance. I'm sure your picture of Native Americans is limited to casinos. But the majority of Indian tribes live in poverty. I'm not going to give you a lesson in this space.